Amaron PRO

Maintenance Free

21 Months / 45,000KM Warranty

The Amaron PRO series are the ultimate OEM replacement for late model DIN and European spec passenger and commercial vehicles and are the most widely sold car battery in India. The Pro series integrate Amaron's premium SILVEN X technology for ultra low-corrosion and maintenance free operation as well as BIC vents for enhanced safety . Oversized inter cell welds (19mm Lugs) also help to provide superior cranking power.

DIN100 PRO - (DIN 88/90/100 Same Dimension)

DIN80 PRO - (DIN 80/85 Same Dimension)

DIN74 PRO - (DIN 66 Dimension)

DIN66L PRO - (DIN 55 Dimension)

DIN55R PRO - (DIN 55 Dimension)

DIN55L PRO - (DIN 55 Dimension)

125D31R PRO - (For Diesel)

125D31L PRO - (For Diesel)

100B26R PRO - (NS70R)

100B26L PRO - (NS70L)

90D23L PRO - (23L GROUP)

65B24RS PRO - (NS60S)

65B24R PRO - (NS60R)

65B24LS PRO - (NS60LS)

65B24L PRO - (NS60L)

50B19L PRO - (NS40)

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